De La Garza - Medina & Asociados

Accounting services in Monterrey

We offer solutions to boost the growth of our clients’ businesses and assets.

We specialize in identifying areas of opportunity and risk through the use of a combination of specialized disciplines and techniques.


We help you in the first steps, while creating strong foundations, paving the way for the exponential growth of your company.

We pave the way for the next generation to help them continue to grow their family’s wealth.

The most important economic area in the state, from the small producer to the large exporting companies are the most important source of employment, we support your industry by mitigating legal risks: civil, labor and transactional; as well as economic risks in the value chain.

We understand the value of technical resources for business planning and sustainability from short to long term. The need to secure and protect assets and intangible product to customers and business partners.

Retail and wholesale transactions represent business opportunities that are sometimes difficult to make, we help you make the best decision based on different disciplines and specialized techniques that will help you make the best decision.

We support you in making the best decision for your wealth: Sale, rent, investment, and negotiation involving real estate.

We develop different business opportunities in the renewable energy sector, with government contracts or private companies.

We support foreign investors who wish to invest or work in Mexico.



Our accounting services and consultations provide value and information to our clients for making decisions from the short to the long term.

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Tax services aim to correct and prevent internal deduction risks and external risks related to services provided with other companies. Additionally, they involve tax planning in accordance with the legal framework.

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We handle negotiations among partners, suppliers, customers, employees, government, or any internal or external individuals to the company through consultancy that safeguards and secures transactions between the parties.

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We develop methodologies for investment decision-making for your company or projects in which our clients wish to venture.

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Extensive experience in the sector.

Los socios de De La Garza – Medina cuentan con una amplia experiencia en el ejercicio profesional en todas las áreas relacionadas con la Auditoria, Contabilidad y Consultoría, estamos afiliados al Instituto Mexicano de Contadores Públicos, AC y al Instituto de Contadores Públicos de Nuevo León.

Team of professionals

We have a professional team with solid experience and extensive knowledge that will assist you from setting up a company, analyzing the most optimal regime, implementing accounting systems and internal controls, and always providing tailor-made accounting and tax solutions.