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Our accounting services and advisory services generate value and information to our clients for short to long term decision making.

De La Garza-Medina & Asociados’ accounting services consist of three areas of expertise:


Optimized accounting for each type of business allows us to keep a clear record of the daily operations of the company, which allows us to have correct and timely information that will allow the best decision making, essential for a healthy company.

Payroll accounting

We solve payroll tasks through a combination of techniques and technologies that allow us to streamline the process and avoid payment problems, as well as generate benefits for both the company and the employee.

Tax calculation

We calculate your taxes, provisional, annual to avoid risks or complications with the authority while optimizing the payment of taxes.


De La Garza-Medina & Asociados’ tax services seek to correct and prevent internal risks of deduction and external risks in relation to services rendered with other companies, in addition to tax planning in accordance with the legal framework.

Vulnerable and Risky Operations Review

We analyze each operation of the company to determine which are the ones that present risks according to the laws in force in order to find legal and practical solutions that allow us to maintain our business.

Tax Defense

We advise you before any requirement notified by the administrative authorities.

International Tax

If you wish to invest or have companies in one or more countries, we will advise you on how to comply with the laws in force in Mexico and other parts of the world.

Tax Consulting

We advise you for the best fiscal integration of your business.


At De La Garza-Medina & Asociados we develop methodologies to make investment decisions for your company as well as for the projects in which our clients wish to venture.

KPIS Developments

We help you develop and find the key indicators for your company based on your activity.

Financial Consulting

We support you in making financial decisions that benefit your company. We advise you in the control and management of cash and capital flows.

Valuation of projects and companies

We develop investment projects based on the best profitability for the company. We value companies that want to merge, buy or sell.


In De La Garza Medina & Asociados we offer legal advice and defense services with a team of lawyers perfectly trained in different branches of law.

Our team is formed by lawyers with experience to protect the rights of the individual before acts of the administrative authorities that cause any damage to their legal sphere.


  • Labor Matters
  • Tax Defense
  • Corporate and Transactional Law
  • Administrative Law
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